Accept Loan Payments Securely & Easily from Any Financial Institution with Coastal Payment Solutions

Make loan payments more convenient for your borrowers as well as staying competitive with Coastal Payment Solutions (CPS). With CPS, your borrowers can easily make an electronic loan payment using their deposit account at another institution to pay their loan with you. With CPS, a safe and easy online and mobile payment solution, customers may schedule a one-time or recurring payments using ACH & debit card transactions. Coastal provides your financial institution a single point of contact responsible for managing implementation from system and file setup to a personalized instructor to lead training as well as full access to an online system manual 24/7. Coastal’s ongoing support includes marketing assistance to drive usage/adoption as well as full help desk support.

  • A Source of Fee Income – Borrower friendly process with high adoption rates. Convenience fees set by
    client institution.
  • Improved Borrower Satisfaction & Retention – Provide convenience & flexibility to make payments
    anytime / anywhere.
  • Reduce Operating Cost – Streamlined & automated 24/7 loan payment system.
  • Improve Cash Flow – A convenient & readily accessible payment solution that speeds revenue collection.
  • Seamless Deployment – Bolt on to your e-Banking & e-Financial Services Platforms without integration costs