Coastal Payment Solution (CPS) can integrate with e-Banking and e-Financial services platformsIn an industry where most products and services have become commodities, banking and credit union customers have the freedom and mobility to select the institution with which they want to do business. In this hyper-competitive market, customers gravitate to institutions that offer convenient and reliable services.

To more efficiently conduct e-business, you need a technology partner that understands every facet of online banking and electronic payment processing. A service provider with experience linking customer facing business processes with core banking functions. Electronic payment solutions are an essential part of modern banking and our Coastal Payment Solution (CPS) can seamlessly integrate with your e-Banking and e-Financial services platforms.

• Generate an Additional Source of Non-Interest Income
• Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention
• Reduce Costs
• Improve Cash Flow
• Collect Payments Faster
• Low Implementation and Transaction Costs

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